The concept

Created in 1999 and inspired by the mythical escape of Edmond Dantès, the Défi de Monte-Cristo is today the largest open water race swimming in Europe !


Village Monte-Cristo

In the heart of Marseille, on the beach of Roucas-Blanc, the village of Monte-Cristo welcomes the 4 000 participants and the many spectators in a unique setting.



Since almost 20 years, the village reborn every year to offer a good quality of service in an pleasant space, correct for the competition : cloakroom for men & women, free lockers, toilets, a tent refueling for the after race, as well as the usual spaces of organization : space registrations, space restoration & bar, space relaxation in the shade ...

The village also offers comapnies wishing to associate their name or brand with the competition, significant visibility in an ideal place to communicate.

The Défi de Monte-Cristo is also : 

  • 150 volunteers for the organisation
  • 50 safety boats & 30 kanoés Kayak

Access map