the Défi de Monte-Cristo


Inspired by the mythical escape of Edmond Dantès, the Défi de Monte-Cristo takes its name from the fictional character of the novel «Le Comte de Monte-Cristo», written by the famous author Alexandre Dumas. He tells the story of this young sailor of nineteen years, who locked up in a prison of the castle of If, succeeds in escaping.

Thus, in 1999, the very first edition took place, which brought together only 25 swimmers for a 5km race without fins over a half day. Since its first year, the Défi has been a Coupe de France Open Water Swimming stage.

Modest at the start, the success of the Défi de Monte-Cristo has grown from year to year to become today the most important sea swimming race in Europe.

The event is open to all levels, both amateur and professional, with courses ranging from 1km to 6km and a completely new race (launched in 2019): the 5K nocturne.

The Défi de Monte-Cristo is undeniably a human adventure, often the challenge of a lifetime, always an extraordinary sports experience where self-surpassing goes hand in hand with courage and determination.

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